Sunscreen: 5 Places We Always Forget About!



With the recent sunshine and warm weather over the last week or so, It feels good to be discussing this topic!

Whether we do or not, we all know the importance of suncreen. In fact, the most common form of cancer is skin cancer!

Here are some place you most likely forget about!

You probably forget about the scalp until the following day when you try to brush your hair – ouch!

Your eyelids are very gentle and delicate skin on your face. Consumer Reports recommends using a moisturizer or eye cream that contains SPF

The lower lip specifically needs more sunscreen then the top lip as its 12 times MORE likely to develop cancer.

Back of knees
Considering its a hidden part of our body we don’t typically look at, the back of your knees are exposed to the same amount of sun as your knee, yet we normally forget to apply sunscreen!

The ears are the third most frequent location for basal cell carcinomas, which makes up for the high percentage of skin cancer patients in Canada and the US.

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